View Available Permit Spaces and Parking Permit Map

How to Find an Available Permit Space:

  • Open the Parking Permit Map to view parking within the City.
  • Enter your address in the upper right Parking Map search bar to zoom to your area.
  • A white numbered oval indicates a leased parking space; a colored dot indicates a parking meter space.
  • Click on a numbered oval in your preferred location. A pop-up box will indicate the location (block and street), area, and full permit price.
  • Click on “More Info” to check availability and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Choose the Period (Summer or Academic)
  • Use the dropdown arrow and choose the block and street for your permit. Note that Parking Lots and Parkettes are at the bottom of the list.
  • Click “Show Available Spaces”. If spaces are available, they will be listed. You may wish to again view the Parking Map to locate the exact spaces showing available.
  • If there are no permit spaces available in your preferred block/street, you will see a message and will need to choose another block/street until you find availability.
  • Once you determine a permit space, go to the Permits tab at the top, choose “Get Permits” and follow the prompts.

Click here to view the parking permit map
White ovals with numbers inside are permit spaces. 
Check the link below space availability.  

Click here to view the available permit spaces

Instructions for attaching required permit information

Please use the following link to view a brief video on how to attach documents for purchasing permits or appealing citations -(VIDEO ONLY - THERE IS NO AUDIO) VIDEO LINK


After purchasing an Academic/Summer parking permit from the City of Champaign, you must email (to or attach the following information.  After the information is provided, we will send you an email to let you know when the permit is ready to be picked up.  You may not park in the space until after you have picked up your permit.

  • Driver's license
  • Vehicle Registration (Both the left and right side of the registration card.)
  • Copy of your lease showing the term and apartment letter or number (If purchasing from Area 1 or 2 before Labor Day)
Customer Authentication

Please enter your Driver's License Number and Password below and click 'Log In'.

First time online services users, enter your Driver's License Number with no dashes and/or spaces and then enter your LAST NAME in the Password field. You will be prompted upon log in to create a new password.
**Please use permit holder information only when purchasing a permit**

If you have purchased a permit online in the past, try retrieving your lost information.

Call the Parking Programs Office at (217) 403-4700 if you need assistance.

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